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Portuguese in Network: Literacies, Technologies and Social Participation

Members: ROCHA, Claudia Hilsdorf – Coordinator / BRAGA, Denise Bertoli – Member.

The main purpose of this project is the production of knowledge and research related to the teaching and learning of Portuguese as a foreign language. Such research is also related to the exploration and using of available resources enabled by digital technologies in the educational process. This way, studies related to e–learning and m-learning also make part of the word developed under the scope of the named project, which involve the following areas: (a) Portuguese as a foreign language in academic contexts; Portuguese related to deaf community practices in academic contexts; (c) Portuguese teaching and learning in its interface with identity and cultural aspects (immigration contexts among others).

Status: In progress.
Nature: Research.
Students involved: Graduation (2) / Academic Master: (3)
Members: ROCHA, Claudia Hilsdorf – Coordinator / BRAGA, Denise Bertoli – Member.
Number of guidelines: 5.