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The Education, Language and Technology Day is an event linked to the Research Group Elang (CNPq/ Unicamp). It is now – 2017 – on its fourth edition. Since 2011, when JELT was first planned, one of the main goals of the event has been to strengthen the dialog among researchers, teachers and (undergraduate and graduate) students of Unicamp and other universities, in Brazil and abroad. Besides, JELT aims at expanding discussions about various topics related to language education and technologies. The first three versions of the event focused on language education in contemporary times,  teacher education, and other relevant themes nowadays, such as the internalization of Higher Education,  language and educational policies in Brazil, as well as other topics related to social participation and its connection with  (new) technologies.

JELT was held for the first time at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), on September 28, 2012. Its main purpose was to strengthen academic links between the Language Teaching Center and the Department of Applied Linguistics (DLA) of the Institute of Language Studies (IEL) of Unicamp. JELT also aimed at widening the possibility of collaborative projects with other universities in Brazil and abroad. Likewise, JELT aimed at expanding and deepening the discussion about language education, teacher education and and technologies, as stated. The central theme of the first JELT was the relation between new epistemologies and language teaching and learning in Higher Since its first edition,  JELT has been seen as a rich opportunity of interaction among teachers, students and researchers of different Brazilian and foreign institutions.

The second JELT happened at IEL on April 11, 2014). It focused on discussions about the university, its political, social and educational roles, and its relation with language and educational policies in times of globalization and internationalization. JELT was then supported by FAEPEX/Unicamp and was highly attended, including the participation of professors from various Brazilian and foreign institutions. As a result of the discussions and partnerships promoted by the event, a thematic book was published in 2015: Language Policies, Language Teaching and Teacher Education –  Challenges in Times of Globalization and Internationalization (Pontes Publishers ISBN 978-85-7113-593-2).

The third JELT was held at IEL, on August 27, 2015. The theme chosen to support the event was “Education for social participation with technologies”. The event counted on the participation of students, teachers and researchers of many different Brazilian universities and was supported by PAEP/CAPES. The third edition of the event was innovative concerning its format. Round Tables were replaced by what we called circles of debates. The speakers could talk and debate freely among themselves and also with the public.

The thematic focus of the fourth edition of JELT – November 23rd, 2017, is Digital and Mobile Technologies in relation to Critical Language Education. The concept of translingual practice and many topics related to sign languages are part of the discussion points of the event, which has been granted PAEP/CAPES support.


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