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Gamification and Critical Literacy in the Teaching and Learning of Languages in Digital Contexts

Members: ROCHA, Claudia Hilsdorf – Coordinator / BRAGA, Denise Bertoli – Member.

More than a decade ago, Gee (2003, 2004) has called our attention to language as a situated practice and to new forms of knowledge construction as a result of digital technologies mediation and of digital games practices in learning.  At present, there has been a lot of research into gamification, which consists of bringing the constitutive elements of  games into other social practices, educational ones included (ALVES, 2015). Based on the studies developed by Gee (2003; 2004), Magnani (2015) and Zacchi (2015), among others, we understand digital games as a cultural practice which is present in a deeply unequal society, whose constitution, in its turn,  counts on transnational and cross-cultural flows. Respecting the political and ideological nature of  (language) education, as Freire (2004 [1996]) shows us in his work, we believe that the educational process, in its connection with  technologies, should break up with hegemonic discourses and  practices while offering opportunities of knowledge (re)construction and (critical) literacies development. The literature in the area shows us that gamification practices as far as critical pedagogies (NORTON e TOOHEY, 2001; KUBOTA, 2001) are concerned have been little addressed. Taking into account that the notion of gamification is strongly tied to the notions of new technologies and literacies, in formal and informal contexts of learning, the present research aims at researching into the possible connections between gamification principles and theoretical and methodological orientations in the field of e/m-learning from a critical literacy perspective  (LUKE 2004; 2014; MENEZES DE SOUZA, 2011). By doing this theoretical research, we expect to contribute to the expansion of possible guidelines related to course and didactic material production in digital contexts. This Project is linked to the Language and Technology Research Group of Anpoll.

Status: Concluded.
Nature: Research.