FAPESP, British Council, Newton Fund and CONFAP’s Researcher Links Unicamp/University of Bristol Workshop

Briefing Report

Welcome to the Newton Fund’s Researcher-Links ‘Digital Literacies and Social Inclusion in Brazil interdisciplinary workshop homepage.

This workshop took place from 13th to 15th July, 2021, and was co-sponsored by the British Council’s Newton Fund and the The São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP.

Researcher Links workshops have three overarching objectives: 

• Support international development-relevant research geared towards economic development and welfare; 

• Contribute to capacity building of early career researchers either within each country, or cross-nationally; 

• Establish new research links or significantly develop existing links, with the potential for longer term sustainability.

We brought together 19 early career researchers, 11 based in Brazil and 9 in the UK working at the intersection of emerging digital literacies and social inclusion with particular attention to the use of creative and cross-disciplinary methodologies to explore these urgent issues. The participants discussed their work with both established researchers in the field that acted as mentors and Brazilian NGO leaders working on digital inclusion, education and digital literacies initiatives in Brazil. 

The papers are available on the workshop’s proceedings. If you want to know more about the workshop or contact the organizers, please e-mail us at researcherlinksworkshop@gmail.com.